Monday, January 11, 2010

I'm back...for now...

Here are three of the most interesting things I've seen today.

Modern Cavemen?

This article profiles a new subculture in NYC of modern cavemen. It seems a little wierd to me. The modern caveman interpretation includes "eating large quantities of meat and then fasting between meals to approximate the lean times that his distant ancestors faced between hunts. Vegetables and fruit are fine, but foods like bread that were unavailable before the invention of agriculture are avoided." I understand the diet since I think that we eat a lot of foods our bodies aren't meant to digest. What I don't understand is the workouts which include: "scooting around the underbrush on all fours, leaping between boulders, playing catch with stones, and other activities." I just don't know if I could see myself scooting around in the bushes unless I'm looking for a bathroom on a camping trip.

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Trevor said...

The fruits and veggies we eat today have very little in common with what cavemen ate. Selective breeding and genetic manipulation have produced oranges far juicier and apples far sweeter than what a "caveman" would have encountered. Of course, this is true of most meat too. At least people are trying!